Hadleigh’s History

Hadleigh Residential's history dates back to 1990 when they first opened their Belsize Park office. At this time, Senior partner Nick Collins (aged 20 at the time and who had grown up within the area) had for some time been working for another local firm of estate agents and had already amassed a considerable amount of local knowledge. Nick had also established his presence amongst the local community as a young man in the world of Belsize Park property. His partner Nigel Coan had also been working closely with several firms of estate agents since 1980 in the capacity of mortgage broker. Although at the time of the early 1990's the UK property market was (now famously) rather inactive, both Nigel and Nick recognised that this was probably as good a time as any to establish their new business and Hadleigh Residential was born. 

They remember thinking at the time that the good thing about starting a business during a 'world class' recession was that things could only get better, and thankfully, they did. Hadleigh Residential is today one of the more recognisable brand names within the area and their reputation for providing an honest and dependable service precedes them.

It is an exciting and beautiful part of London in which to work and both the partners and staff have had great pleasure in meeting and working with some very interesting clients over more than two decades.

Although Hadleigh Residential is a local independent firm, they have never lost sight of retaining a firm foothold when it comes to cutting edge technology and, at all times, keeping up with any state of the art technological advancements have been available within the estate agency industry.

If you are thinking of of buying, selling, renting or letting your property, please contact Hadleigh Residential and find out how they can help you.